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2 Questions to Ask before Ever taking Another Vitamin

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If you have found that the vitamins you have found by walking down the aisle of your local grocery or discount store have never had a significant impact on you and your health, the problem is likely to be the type of vitamins or supplements that you use. You will rarely find vitamins that are truly helpful and usable by your body there. Fortunately, you do have other options and it is best to understand what is in your vitamins and how they are prepared, before introducing them into your body.   

Do You Understand Why You Are Taking Your Vitamins?

It is easy to misunderstand the importance of vitamins, in light of some badly worded and disproven statements that have been made over the years. For instance, people with specific health concerns, like anemia or a woman trying to become pregnant, will often do well with extra iron and folic acid. However, too much of a vitamin can result in discomfort, like constipation or new health challenges, like nausea or headaches, so be sure to consult with your physician about specific dosage instructions and other tips.

Unfortunately, it is also not unusual to accidentally overdose on certain vitamins. One example is that the use of a daily vitamin and an extra supplement can make you sick. As a result, be sure to check the dosage of each vitamin and compare it against the information on the bottle, which will tell you how much of each ingredient the U.S. government recommends. Don't exceed it, unless advised to do so by your doctor.    

What Chemicals Does Your Vitamin Contain?

You may want extra vitamin D or calcium, for stronger bones or folic acid, which has been proven to reduce the possibility of birth defects when taking prior to and during pregnancy. The obvious solution is to consider an organic supplement with no extra chemicals, like Intramax vitamins

An organic supplement is easier to digest, provides better results and more of what you take is usable by your body. You obviously do not need preservatives in a vitamin, as they have no benefit to your health. Organic vitamins are made without pesticides, insecticides or synthetic ingredients. An easy way to spot an organic supplement is the USDA organic label. When you see it, you'll know that at least 95% of the ingredients are organic. 

In conclusion, although there is a wide variety of food available in the United States, many people are not consuming an appropriate amount of the vitamins and minerals required for good health. If you are concerned about your health or the health of your loved ones, supplementing a healthy diet with a healthy vitamin like Intramax is a great idea.