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3 Things To Know About Your FSH Level And Infertility

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If you are having trouble getting pregnant, you may want to have your gynecologist test your follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) level. This hormone regulates the way your menstrual cycle works, as well as the way your ovaries produce eggs. If your FSH level is too high, it can indicate problems with your ovaries, which can be the reason you are not able to get pregnant. Here are three things you should understand about your FSH level.

Problems caused by FSH level

Doctors may suggest getting an FSH level test if you cannot get pregnant, but they may also test this hormone if you are having problems with your menstrual cycle or difficulties during menopause. Your FSH level can go up and down throughout the month, which is why it's important to tell your doctor exactly when your last menstrual cycle was. This will help determine if your level is normal or off.

If your level is low or high, this could be one of the factors preventing you from getting pregnant. This is not the only reason for fertility issues, but it is a common reason.

You may need other tests too

In addition to checking your FSH level, your doctor may want to check for other problems too. This is done simply so the doctor can know exactly what is preventing you from conceiving, because this will make it easier to determine what types of treatment methods to use to help you overcome this problem.

Other tests that might be completed include thyroid testing, female hormone testing, and testing for HIV. If everything comes back normal except your FSH level, your doctor may suggest options for treating the FSH level problem you have.

There are many treatment options

When your FSH level is too high, there are numerous ways it can be treated. While there are a lot of methods to lower FSH naturally available, they do not always work for every woman that has FSH level issues. One common method used is acupuncture. Acupuncture is a process that involves placing small needles in meridians, which are particular locations of the body.

Another option is taking Chinese herbs, and one of the common herbs used for infertility is Wu Zi Yan Zong Wan. Make sure you talk to your doctor before taking any herbs for this issue.

If you desperately want to get pregnant, get your FSH level checked. Your FSH level could be the problem that is preventing you from conceiving, but there are ways to treat this issue.