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Beginner's Guide To Smoking Medical Marijuana: 3 Tips To Avoid Coughing Fits

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The power of medical marijuana to treat a wide array of illnesses and conditions has led to a powerful movement in America. Currently, amendments have been made in 4 states to allow the use of recreational marijuana, in 19 to allow the use for only medical purposes, and in 14 states to decriminalize the use of medical marijuana. If you're interested in whether medical marijuana can do wonders for your medical situation, it doesn't hurt to try. Many beginners have a hard time getting into medical marijuana due to the coughing fits they might experience. The following 3 tips will help you avoid this unwanted side effect of smoking medical marijuana.

Use a Vaporizer Instead

If smoking medical marijuana has always led to coughing fits, invest in a vaporizer, which uses heat to turn the medical marijuana into water vapor rather than smoke. In fact, a vaporizer can remove 95% of the smoke that would otherwise be inhaled from burning the marijuana. Water vapor rich in THC will be much gentler on your lungs. It also discreetly conceals the smell of the medical marijuana without compromising its taste and effect.

Change the Way You Smoke

The main reason why you're so prone to coughing fits might be because you're simply not smoking properly. Take smaller hits when you start off and take deep breaths so that the smoke enters your lungs instead of getting stuck in the back of your throat. Don't forget that the smoke from medical marijuana is much thicker and slower moving than the smoke from tobacco.

Consider the Quality of the Marijuana You Purchase

The price of the medical marijuana you purchase does give an indication of its quality. If you find yourself experiencing coughing fits almost every time you smoke medical marijuana, the problem might not lie with you but rather in the marijuana itself. Consider whether you simply need to purchase higher quality marijuana. Poor quality marijuana might contain chemicals and pesticides that are rougher on your lungs. Switch to a different marijuana strand or go to a different dispensary, such as Citadel Alternative Care.


Upon smoking medical marijuana, see if the marijuana actually has a positive effect and influence on your medical condition. You should see both immediate effects and more permanent ones if you choose to continue to smoke medical marijuana regularly. Getting into the habit of smoking can be difficult for some people, especially if they haven't indulged in smoking cigarettes or any other substances before.