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Opening Up Your Legal Marijuana For Sale Business

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Medical marijuana for sale is still illegal at the federal level even though it is legal in twenty-one of America's states. So if you're thinking of getting in this lucrative and profitable business that is suddenly becoming mainstream, you'd better put on your thinking cap and make sure you carefully follow the guidelines of the state you live in. Remember that legal marijuana for sale is a confusing set of rules that if you do not adhere to can land you in jail doing time on a federal drug charge. So abide by state and federal rules and run a legal medical cannabis business. Also, plan how you'll bank proceeds from your sales.

Can You Bank Your Income From Selling Cannabis?

When you start out creating any business, one of the first things you do is open a bank account. You can forget about doing this with your bank's blessing, because banks simply are not jumping on the marijuana bandwagon ride. They're reluctant to offer you an account even though you can become a millionaire by selling medical marijuana. Banks want to avoid being charged with money laundering and drug trafficking charges at the federal level. Some determined sellers at the state level are buying their own safes and ATM.

It's okay to have your own safe and ATM, but one thing you want to avoid is using the same safe for storing your marijuana goods and your money. If you then take your money to deposit in a bank account, the thousands of dollars you've saved will be reeking with the smell of marijuana and you'll have a lot of explaining to do. You might have to leave the bank and cart your money back to your home safe.

Forget About Operating Your Business Across State Lines

You can't legally transport cannabis across state lines. So don't entertain the thought of taking your cannabis business and its profits across state lines where federal interstate commerce laws kick in. How can you legally operate a cannabis business in your state with the blessing of federal government rules? There are a number of federal rules that you must obey so that you can legally operate your business and avoid conflicting federal and state rules. Check the state and federal rules that will guide you, which can be found on government websites. 

Obtain Advice From An Attorney Before Launching Your Cannabis Business

Be aware that licensing to sell marijuana is difficult to obtain in some of the very states where it is legal to operate a cannabis business. So be sure to read up about current licensing requirements in your state and municipal rule books before you begin your cannabis business. Consult with an attorney who represents legal marijuana business venture owners like you. 

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