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Acupuncture May Help You To Put These Symptoms Of Tourette Syndrome Behind You

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If you have Tourette Syndrome, you may be frustrated with how its symptoms can be challenging to manage. Many people with this condition take medication in order to control their symptoms, but the use of medication can present some side effects that you may not want. If you're open to trying some different treatment methods, you might find that acupuncture therapy works well for you. This form of treatment can have positive results on those who suffer from Tourette Syndrome, which can significantly improve your quality of life. Here are some associated symptoms that you may not notice as much, thanks to your acupuncture treatments.

Muscle Tics

One of the more difficult symptoms associated with Tourette Syndrome is muscle tics. These tics can not only be embarrassing, but can also leave you with sore and tired muscles by the end of the day. Muscle tics from Tourette Syndrome can come in many forms. For example, you might violently snap your head to either side at frequent intervals, or you could wink or smile with one side of your mouth with little warning. Blinking, jerking your head, and contorting your face into often disturbing expressions can all be part of your life until you get relief through acupuncture.

Vocal Issues

People commonly associate Tourette Syndrome with outbursts of swearing, and while this is true, it's not the only vocal-related issue that sufferers experience. Acupuncture can be instrumental in helping you to experience fewer vocal issues. These issues can include clearing your throat. For example, you might aggressively clear your throat a seemingly countless number of times over the course of the day. This can not only be bothersome for you, but can also be disruptive for those around you.

Associated Complications

Muscle tics and vocal issues are problematic on their own, but Tourette Syndrome sufferers often experience a variety of complications due to these issues. For example, muscle tics can lead to inconveniences and injuries. If you were to experience a severe muscle tic while carrying a cup of coffee, you could not only spill the coffee and waste it, but also end up burning yourself. Vocal issues can also lead to problems. They can often be disruptive at work, and while your employer can't terminate you for having this syndrome, you may feel reluctant to interact with people at work — which can affect your performance. Acupuncture sessions should allow you to see a reduction in your Tourette Syndrome symptoms, which can improve your life in many ways.