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Marijuana In Maryland: What You Need To Know

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Medical marijuana is completely legal in Maryland, but as for finding a dispensary near Baltimore that will just give you the good stuff, you may be hard-pressed. That is because dispensaries have to jump through a lot of hoops just to open, and then they have some of the strictest regulations of any state where medical marijuana has been made legal. Whether you are visiting Baltimore as a tourist or you are moving to Maryland, here is what you need to know about getting marijuana in this state and in the major cities. 

Register and Pony Up Your Personal Info

Patients wanting a prescription for medical marijuana or seeking it as treatment for everything from cancer to MS and MD have to first register with the state's Cannabis Commission Board. The state is going to track every single person who asks for, receives, and is going to use medical marijuana. You also have to provide your driver's license or a legal photo ID as proof of who you are with your registration. 

If you already use medical marijuana in another state, you will need to transfer any documentation and medical records from that state to Maryland. Otherwise, you will be denied your cannabis doses as you settle in and become a resident here. If you bring any sort of cannabis product with you from a previous state, you have to make sure it is a legal cannabis product in Maryland. If it is not a legal product and you are caught with it, you can be arrested and/or fined. If you come from a state where recreational use is legal and you do not have a medical use card on your person, you could face stiff penalties in Maryland. 

Getting Your Use Certificate/Card from a Physician

After you have successfully registered, you may locate a registered and licensed doctor to provide you with certification for the use of marijuana. This certificate/card must be carried on your person at all times. It also helps to familiarize yourself with how much cannabis you are allowed to get from a dispensary at any one time. Dispensaries are few and far between in order to keep tighter control over how much product is released/sold to those who are registered and certified users. 

Finding a Registered, Legal Dispensary

Because of the tight government controls in Maryland, finding a dispensary close to you is going to be hard. They tend to be more plentiful in larger cities, like Baltimore. Even then you will have to do due diligence and make sure the dispensary you want to visit is okayed by the state. 

Learn more by reaching out to a dispensary near you.