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CBG For Sale: Full Spectrum And Third-Party Testing

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If you're looking for a natural remedy for chronic inflammation, few things are better for your body than Cannabigerol (CBG) oil. When you're looking at CBG for sale online, paying close attention to the details can guarantee that you get the highest quality product.

Here are some key features to look for when you're searching for CBG for sale online.

Full-Spectrum CBG

CBG strains are incredibly difficult to purify and isolate from other THC and CBD strains. Although some CBG products for sale tout purity and potency, research indicates that blended or full-spectrum CBG products might be more effective.


Because tetrahydrocannabinol has psychotropic properties, meaning it can get you high, some consumers shy away from CBG products that contain even trace amounts of THC. To be legally sold online, CBG must contain less than .3 percent THC. Because THC triggers different receptors in your brain, CBG products with trace amounts of THC have shown to enhance the effects of CBG. This is particularly true for anti-inflammatory and anxiety-reducing properties. When searching for CBG products with THC, look for ratios of THC to CBG. Because your body is unique, you'll need to look for CBG for sale that works best for your symptoms and needs.


Similar to THC, terpenoids have been shown to help increase the efficacy of CBG. Because terpenoids aren't present in synthetic CBG products, finding CBG for sale with terpenoids is an easy way to weed out less natural options.

Third-Party Testing

Like many natural health remedies, CBG for sale can be plagued by imitators. When you're looking for CBG for sale online it's important to buy from suppliers who invest in third-party testing to verify the quality and composition of their CBG products.

Know the Lingo:

Legitimate third-party testing is conducted by licensed, independent, research providers. The independent part of this equation can be the biggest scam when it comes to CBG products. Some CBG providers will tout the third-party testing of their products, but their third-party testing is based on other third-party testing results conducted for similar products or the test are completed in house.

Before you buy a CBG product, also take the time to research their third-party testing. If the testing provider is not given by the CBG supplier, that's probably not a great sign. In many states, particularly where THC products are more regulated, most third-party tests are completed by just a few providers.

If you're looking to learn more or to buy CBG, reach out to a local health store or dispensary.