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Using CBD Tincture: A First-Time Guide

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So, you've taken the plunge. You've decided to try CBD for the management of your health conditions, and you've gone out and purchased a bottle of CBD tincture. Now what? You may be surprised to find the bottle does not have any specific dosing instructions, which leaves you unsure of what to do and how to use this medication. Luckily, you will find instructions below.

Take the tincture on an empty stomach.

Some people eventually find that they prefer to take their CBD with food. However, since the effects tend to be the most potent when the tincture is taken on an empty stomach, it is wise to try this first. You don't have to consciously fast before taking the CBD tincture, but if it has been more than an hour or so since you last ate, that is ideal.

Apply the tincture under your tongue.

Your first instinct may be to put the tincture on your tongue and swallow it. But this is not the most effective way to take your tincture. You should actually apply the drops of CBD tincture under your tongue. In this area, your blood vessels are really close to the surface of your skin, and some of the CBD can be absorbed directly into them. This means that you get faster relief than if you were to just swallow the CBD tincture. Let the tincture just sit under your tongue for at least a minute, and then swallow what remains. This will feel weird the first few times you do it, but then you'll get used to it.

Use only a few drops at first.

Don't just go for a whole dropper-full and assume that's the right dose. The size of the dropper is arbitrary and is not intended to guide you as to the proper dose. Start with just two drops — maybe 3 if you are a larger person. See how you feel, and if you don't feel the effects within 15 minutes, add another 2 drops.

Keep notes as you adjust your dose.

Keep a note pad, and record how you feel as you adjust your dose. Write down what you feel after 2, 4, and 6 drops, for instance. When you stop noticing an improvement in symptoms with added drops, you can stop adding more.

Using CBD tincture is not hard, but you do need to learn how to do it properly. The advice above should be enough to get you started.