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Tips For Smoking Hemp Flower

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Generally, people think of CBD as a substance that comes in a pill or in a pre-loaded vaporizer cartridge. However, CBD is just one cannabinoid derived from hemp. If you want to experience CBD in its most natural form, while also enjoying the potential benefits of other non-psychoactive cannabinoids, then you can purchase and smoke some natural hemp flower. This is akin to smoking cannabis, but without THC (the federally illegal substance that makes users feel high). But how do you go about smoking hemp flower for its benefits? Start with these tips.

1. Choose a strain that is meant to be smoked.

Not all hemp grown is meant to be smoked. Some are bred and grown for use in textiles and even furniture. So, you want to ensure you choose a flower strain that has been specifically cultivated for its therapeutic benefits. Acid rock hemp is a widely available strain that is common with hemp flower smokers. It is high in CBD, and it also contains reasonable levels of CBG, another cannabinoid that helps calm anxiety and eases pain.

2. Smoke out of a pipe or bowl.

While you could roll your hemp flower up into a joint or a cigarette with rolling papers, one good way to smoke it is actually from a glass pipe or bowl. This way, you are not inhaling any smoke from the papers. Instead, you're just getting pure hemp.

3. Grind the flower up well.

You do not want to try smoking large chunks or entire buds of the hemp flower. It won't burn evenly, and as such, the smoke will be pretty harsh. Instead, use either a grinder or your fingers to grind the flower up quite finely before you smoke it. You want it to have the texture of coarse breadcrumbs or fine granola.

4. Start slow.

It can take a little while to figure out what dose you need when smoking hemp flower. Plus, every strain is a bit different. If you're smoking hydroponically grown acid rock, for example, you may need less than if you were to smoke a hybrid strain grown in someone's backyard. So, take things slow. Take a hit, and wait to see if you feel the effects before taking another hit.

If you follow the tips above, you should have a good transition into smoking hemp flower. It can be a great way to obtain your CBD. Contact a company that provides hemp, such as acid rock hemp flowers, for more information.