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Using Kratom Capsules To Ease Cravings

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Kratom is an herbal medicine derived from a species of tree native to Asia. It is sometimes used recreationally and for pain relief, but lately, some people have been using it to ease cravings while they recover from addiction to various drugs and alcohol. Here's what you should know if you're considering using kratom for this purpose.

How does kratom make you feel?

Kratom interacts with your opiate receptors, and so taking it tends to alleviate pain. It also imparts a sense of well-being and inner comfort. Some strains are more relaxing, whereas others are more uplifting. By interacting with your opiate receptors, kratom helps ease cravings for addictive drugs. Most people can function well while taking low doses of kratom, but it is wise to avoid taking it before operating heavy machinery. 

Is kratom addictive?

Some people worry that by managing their addiction with kratom, they're just becoming addicted to another substance. But in reality, it is hard to get addicted to kratom. If you take more than a small dose, you will feel nauseous and unwell. These unpleasant feelings keep users from increasing their dose, which really keeps them from getting addicted.

This also means that as you continue taking the same low dose of kratom over time, your body will become less reactive to it, which means you will naturally lose interest in taking it. As such, taking kratom for addiction is a good in-between step that may help you fight kratoms during the first month or two you stop using your substance of choice.

What strains are best for easing cravings?

There are three common strains of kratom: red, green, and white vein. If you're using kratom to fight addiction, red vein is a good choice. It has a very calming effect and gives users a lot of peace of mind. It's also good at calming insomnia, which is a common problem among people who are breaking their addiction. 

If you can only find green vein kratom, it is also a suitable choice. It helps lift your energy levels a little and still has that mental comfort effect found with the red vein kratom. White vein kratom is highly energizing, sort of like strong caffeine. It's not the best choice for those struggling with addiction, as it may make you feel a bit overwhelmed.

Armed with this knowledge about kratom, you should be better prepared to use this plant medicine to help ease your addiction to other substances. Look for some kratom capsules at a local health food store or pharmacy.