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Different Types Of CBD Gummies Worth Trying

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If you have been using CBD gummies for a while, you're probably still enjoying the benefits — but you might be to the point where you're interested in trying something a little different. Thankfully, the CBD world has blossomed over the past few years, and there are now more types of CBD gummies than ever before. Here are a few different varieties you may want to try.

Full-Spectrum Gummies

Unless you get drug tested and are worried about trace amounts of THC in your bloodstream, you may want to try full-spectrum gummies for an enhanced CBD experience. These gummies do not contain enough THC to make you feel high, but they might contain trace amounts as they contain all of the cannabinoids found in the hemp they are derived from. Those cannabinoids tend to help with the same symptoms CBD helps with, resulting in even more effective gummies.

Sour CBD Gummies

Maybe it's the experience of actually eating the gummies that you are hoping to enhance. If so, you may want to look for sour gummies. Coated in citric acid, these should remind you of Sour Patch kids and similar products. The sour flavor tends to do a better job of masking the CBD flavor than sweet flavors. So if the underlying hemp and CBD flavors in ordinary gummies bother you, sour gummies might be the perfect solution.

High-Dose CBD Gummies

Most people use low-dose CBD gummies with 10, 20, or 30 mg of CBD each. These work for most symptoms. However, if you are looking for an enhanced CBD experience, you may want to look for higher-dose CBD gummies with 100 mg or 200 mg of CBD a piece. You won't want to use these gummies all of the time, but they can be great to have on-hand for days when your symptoms are extra powerful or extra bothersome. It's nice to only have to take one gummy, rather than a whole handful of gummies, when you need a larger dose.

Sugar-Free CBD Gummies

If you are someone who uses gummies daily, or several times a day, you may be worried that you're taking too much sugar in the process. Thankfully, some companies have begun offering sugar-free gummies for people in your shoes. You may want to buy a bottle and give them a try to see how they work for you.

With so many types of CBD gummies available, it's worth trying a few different varieties. What was working for you may not be working anymore, but you'll find another product that does.

For more information, contact a company who sells different types of CBD gummies.