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What Is The Best Way To Take Probiotics?

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You might wonder why you would want to consume bacteria, but your body actually needs bacteria to be healthy. This is especially true for the digestive system. Probiotics products are products that contain healthy bacteria and are meant to be consumed on a regular basis so you can experience the health benefits.

Sometimes Taking Probiotics with a Meal is a Good Idea

Taking probiotics with your meals is a good idea because some probiotics are meant to help you with digestion. If you are taking a large meal, there are some probiotics that you will want to take both before and after your meal. However, certain foods you should not take with probiotics such as herbs and garlic can reduce the effectiveness of probiotics.

You might be worried about taking probiotics without food because you might worry that your stomach acids will kill the bacteria. However, many probiotic health products are designed to survive the trip through your stomach so some of the bacteria can arrive at your gut where it belongs. However, you can increase the number of bacteria that survive if you take your probiotics with milk or oatmeal.

Be Careful with Certain Foods

The worst types of foods to take with probiotics are beverages that are very hot or beverages that are very acidic. These can kill some of the bacteria and reduce the effectiveness of your probiotics.

Don't Stop Taking Probiotics

When you start taking probiotics, you will want to keep going indefinitely. You might start to feel better after taking probiotics and think that you can stop. While you may improve the health of your gut flora for some time, your digestive system might become unhealthy again over time. Therefore, you'll want to keep taking pills or eating probiotic yogurt.

Both Probiotics Yogurt and Pills are Effective

Two common ways to take probiotics are in pill form or in yogurt. Some types of yogurt contain probiotic cultures. Both methods are equally effective at introducing probiotics to your body. However, there are certain strains of bacteria not found in yogurt form and you may wish to take a pill to introduce these types of bacteria to your gut.

Probiotics yogurt needs to be refrigerated. However, there are some types of probiotic pills that also need to be refrigerated to protect the bacteria. Therefore, you'll want to check the recommendations on the packaging before storing your probiotics. For more information about women's health probiotics, talk to a health care professional.