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The Gift Of Somatic Attachment Therapy

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Somatic attachment therapy is a holistic form of counseling that focuses on both the mind and body. It's a great form of therapy for anyone who struggles with trauma or anxiety. These are some gifts that you can give yourself by starting somatic attachment therapy:

1. Improve your connection with your body. 

Trauma can have negative consequences on your physical body and your relationship to it. Even when trauma is mental or emotional, you may feel its effects in the tension of your muscles or the unease in your stomach. Somatic attachment therapy teaches people to pay attention to these sensations and honor them. Your body has many things it can tell you about your well-being. When you learn to listen to the sensations of your body, you can better care for it. This can lead to a healthier relationship with food, more gentle and beneficial exercise, and less pain.

2. Rebuild your bonds with other people.

Trauma also affects the way you relate to other people. People who have undergone traumatic experiences may struggle to trust others. Once you've learned that trusting others is unsafe, it can take time to relearn to be open and vulnerable. Somatic attachment therapy can help you feel more secure in yourself, which, in turn, can build security in your relationships. Your counselor can help you explore the beliefs you hold about other people, both conscious and unconscious, so you can work toward unlearning the ways of relating that hold you back.

3. Heal your memories of the past.

Trauma can linger in the body in many ways, including in your memories of the past. Somatic attachment therapy can teach you to combat unwanted memories using everything your body has to teach you. Instead of simply denying negative memories, you will be invited to sit with them. As thoughts and feelings about the past arise, your therapist can encourage you to scan your body. Identifying where in your body you feel the memory can help you release your trauma. As you work through your memories, you can replace old, negative feelings with positive associations and sensations.

4. Encourage you to move forward in your life.

Finally, somatic attachment therapy can help anyone who feels stuck or trapped as a result of their trauma, depression, or anxiety. As you learn to connect to your mind and body, you can gain confidence. This confidence can benefit you in many areas of your life, including your passions, work, and relationships with others.

Talk to your therapist to learn more about somatic attachment therapy.